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Our first program offering for weight loss is the Text4Diet™ mobile phone-based intervention tool, which addresses dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviors for promoting and sustaining weight loss. A 2007 NIH-funded randomized controlled trial (RCT) of its original prototype, which solely addressed eating behaviors, found an average weight loss of more than 6 pounds during a four-month use period, a statistically significant difference from weight loss in the usual care comparison control group. Our expanded and improved text messaging weight loss application, called Text4Diet™, further builds upon this foundation. Continual Text4Diet™ R & D continues, including a 9-month RCT of the new application with funding from the National Cancer Institute.
Text4Diet™ features:
  • Proprietary online diet and activity assessment, used to tailor intervention
  • Personal preferences (e.g. number of desired messages per day, timing of messages, etc.) further tailor the user experience
  • Pool of more than 3500 SMS (Text) messages and 2000 Logic Rules
  • One-of-a kind interactive capabilities, with follow-up messaging sent based upon variable user responses
  • Works with any text messaging enabled phone
  • Secured (HIPAA compliant) messaging available
Product brochure :
Contact us to learn more about how this powerful technology can help your targeted consumer groups lose weight as a stand-alone program, or as a powerful and unique addition that makes your existing print, Web or face-to-face weight loss program more effective, appealing and distinctive.